The 20% off deal for switching to NFO is back!!!

The world’s best and leading game server provider, is feeling the season. They have opened up a limited time offer for 20% to any new customers switching from an old provider!! Hurry up and take action, before its to late.

For a limited time only, any customer switching their game or voice server from another host can receive 20% off! Just use coupon code AHGFFM in the order page and enter this information in your comments page:

* The name of the provider you are switching from
* The IP address of your old server

This applies to game servers, voice servers (Ventrilo / TeamSpeak / Murmur), and virtual dedicated servers/virtual private servers, and it’s on top of any discount for purchasing multiple months at once. The old server will need be shut down within 30 days.

As always with us, your ordered price will be also automatically be grandfathered in for as long as you keep the same server in the same configuration — so there are no worries about your price going up later! (Changing your server’s location is free and also will not destroy your grandfathering.)

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