Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Killstreaks
Kills Required Killstreak Description Icon

Deploys a UAV to scan the map and reveal enemy locations. Can be shot down or
hit with a Predator Missile
4 Care Package
Player must throw a red smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop
package containing a random killstreak or ammo.
4 Counter UAV

Deploys a UAV that disables the enemy’s radar and renders hostile UAVs useless.
5 Sentry Gun
Player must throw a red smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop
package containing an M134 Minigun configured as an automatic M5 sentry gun.
5 Predator Missle
Fires a single controllable AGM Hellfire from a Predator Drone.
6 Precision Airstrike
Initiates an airstrike on a targeted area.
7 Harrier Strike
Deploys a small airstrike from two Harriers followed
by one that will hover over the designated area and attack enemies with its
under-mounted turret.
7 Attack Helicopter
Deploys a Hind or Cobra attack
helicopter armed with a single machine gun that flies around the map and attacks
enemy players.
8 Emergency Airdrop
Deploys a Lockheed C-130 cargo plane that drops four Care Packages.
9 Pave Low
Deploys a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave
Low armed with two .50 caliber machine guns.
9 Stealth Bomber
Deploys a B2 Spirit that
is invisible to the enemy’s radar. The bomber carpet bombs a specific line,
designated by the player.
11 Chopper Gunner
Deploys a AH-64 Apache or Mi-28 Havoc
attack helicopter, armed with a 25mm cannon, controlled by the player on the
11 AC-130
Deploys a Lockheed AC-130 gunship
controlled by the player on the ground. It is equipped with a 25mm Gatling gun,
40mm cannon and a 105mm howitzer
15 EMP

Deploys an electromagnetic pulse that
destroys enemy killstreaks and disables enemies’ HUDs, Radar and other
electronic Attachments or Equipment that enemies may use.
25 Tactical Nuke
Calls in a nuclear strike that
detonates after 10 seconds, killing all players that are spawned at the time the
nuke goes off on the map and ending the match in favor of the nuke user’s team