Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Perks
Tier 1 Perks
Perk Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Skill Icon
C4 x2 2 Equips player with two packs of remote-detonated explosives. C4 x2.png
RPG-7 x2 1 Equips player with a rocket launcher with two rounds. Specialty weapon rpg.png
Special Grenades x3 1 Gives player either 3 stun grenades or 3 flash grenades. No smoke. Specialty specialgrenade.png
Bomb Squad 14 Enemy explosives are marked with icons. Specialty detectexplosives.png
Claymore x2 23 Equips player with two proximity mines. Claymore x2.png
Bandolier 32 Gives player extra reserve ammo. Specialty extraammo.png
Frag x3 41 Gives player 3 fragmentation grenades Specialty fraggrenade.png
Tier 2 Perks
Perk Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Skill Icon
Juggernaut 1 Reduces incoming damage by 25%; cancels out Stopping Power. Juggernaut icon.PNG
Sleight of Hand 20 Increases reloading speed. Specialty fastreload.png
Sonic Boom 1 Increases explosives damage by 25%. Specialty explosivedamage.png
Stopping Power 1 Increases bullet damage by 40%. Specialty bulletdamage.png
Double Tap 29 Increases rate of fire by 33%. Specialty rof.png
UAV Jammer 11 Player becomes undetectable by enemy UAVs. Specialty gpsjammer.png
Overkill 38 Replaces secondary weapon with another primary weapon. Specialty twoprimaries.png
Tier 3 Perks
Perk Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Skill Icon
Deep Impact 1 Extra damage through walls. DeepImpact.png
Extreme Conditioning 1 Doubles sprint time. Specialty longersprint.png
Steady Aim 1 Increases hipfiring accuracy. Specialty bulletaccuracy.png
Last Stand 8 Player pulls out a pistol before dying. Specialty pistoldeath.png
Martyrdom 17 Drop a live grenade after death. Specialty grenadepulldeath.png
Iron Lungs 26 Increases scope steadying time. Specialty holdbreath.png
Eavesdrop 35 Hear the enemy voice chat. Specialty parabolic.png
Dead Silence 44 Reduces sound from footsteps. Specialty quieter.png